Evidence We Are Not Alone

Ryan S. Wood

UFO Documentary:
The Secret is the ultimate UFO documentary for anyone wanting to learn the startling truth about the U.S. Government's involvement in the Roswell Incident of July 1947, crashed UFOs, and the classified world of MJ12. An elite group of military, scientific, governmental and intelligence personnel, MJ12 was, and still is, tasked with secretly investigating the Roswell UFO and other UFO crash-incidents. The Secret UFO documentary provides the viewer with sensational, leaked documents from the MJ12 group that confirm the existence of both crashed UFOs and alien bodies held by the American intelligence community. Never before has a UFO documentary presented hard, documented evidence of the existence of other-world craft in the possession of the Government.

As this UFO documentary amply demonstrates, the father-son team of Dr. Robert M. Wood and Ryan S. Wood has been at the forefront of an intense, investigative research project into the leaked MJ12 papers for more than a decade. Without their expert involvement, this UFO documentary could not have been made. See for yourself The Secret world of MJ12; learn the truth about what really happened at Roswell, New Mexico in July 1947; and understand how and why the Government has kept such earth-shattering data from the public and the media. Without doubt, The Secret is the ultimate UFO documentary. With comments, insights, and crucial observations from some of the world's leading authorities on crashed UFOs, The Secret is essential viewing for anyone and everyone wanting to see how a UFO documentary should be made.

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