Evidence We Are Not Alone

Ryan S. Wood

Dr. Bob Wood
Research and Development Management McDonnell Douglas (retired)
Physicist and Aeronautical Engineer

"I decided that instead of looking at photographs or instead of still trying to sort out new witness testimony that it would be better to try a different approach, which was the approach of authenticating documents."

"Collectively, these documents reveal a shocking cover-up that has lasted more than 50 years. They provide details on the crash of more than one UFO, mention autopsies on their alien occupants and the recovery of advanced technology, some of which may have found its way into our lives today."

Michael T. Lindemann
Social Analyst, Futurist, UFO Author and Lecturer

"I believe there's a cover-up on the UFO subject because so many different things point to it. Clear, well documented reports from credible witnesses, a lot of documentary information from the archives...patterns of denial from the government that look, almost, silly, patterns of denial from scientists that is clearly informed not by facts but by some kind, I would say, an indirect kind of intimidation."

Ryan S. Wood
Mathematician & Computer Scientist, UFO Document Researcher, President of, and Author of Majic Eyes Only

"Two separate MJ-12 documents give identical and specific coordinates of the location of a crashed UFO in New Mexico. Those coordinates are within a half mile to the southeast of the very first atomic test site designated Trinity."

"Considering all the checkable facts and the depth of the amount of detail, the legitimacy of these documents would seem to be beyond dispute."

Stanton T. Friedman
Nuclear Physicist, UFO Lecturer, UFO Author, and Archival Researcher

"It's clear that there has been an organized effort to discredit every aspect of the UFO phenomenon."

"A major objection to all the documents is that we don't know who provided them. We have to consider, of course, that whoever did was violating the law and would be subject to enormous penalties for photographing classified documents and giving them to people who don't have any authorization to receive them."

Timothy S. Cooper
USMC, Former Cryptography Specialist, Private Investigator, Writer, and Recipient of Leaked Documents

"I got the documents in my personal post office box. The first one came around October of 1992, and it was inserted in a Time magazine..."

Brian Parks
UFO Author and Document Researcher

"The UFO cover-up began as national security concerns."

"It is my understanding that MJ12 was Top Secret Research and Development Intelligence gathering Agency and as so it was very compartmented, it wasn't some huge operation in 1947."

Karl Pflock
UFO Investigator, Author, Former CIA Intelligence Officer, and Former Deputy Asst. Secretary of Defense

"It is very certain to me that UFOs are real, the data that we have in hand establishes that beyond a shadow of a doubt."

Charlette Mann
Granddaughter of Reverend William Huffman

"Grandfather had been called out to an airplane crash, however, upon arriving it was a very different situation, it was not a conventional aircraft as we know it... he prayed over each one of them... the military showed up, surrounded the area... He was told 'this didn't happen, you didn't see this, this is national security, it is never to be talked about again.'"

John Alexander, Ph.D.
Col., U.S. Army (retired), Former Intelligence Officer, and Non-Lethal Weapons Author

"I think the U.S. Air Force explanation that mogul balloon was what crashed at Roswell is just speechless. First of all the timing is wrong, technologies are wrong... I believe that these kinds of answers actually do a disservice to both the American people and to the Air Force itself."

Major General John A. Samford
Dir. of Intelligence U.S. Air Force

"I'm here to discuss the so-called flying saucers, Air Force interest in this problem is the due to our feeling of obligation to identify anything in the air that may have the possibility of threat or menace to the United States... we have received and analyzed between 1 and 2,000 reports."

Major Donald Keyhoe
USMC Fighter Pilot and Author of Flying Saucers are Real

"With all due respect to the Air Force I believe that some of them prove to be of interplanetary origin... that I believe is from outer space."

Timothy Good
UFO Author, Lecturer, and Archival Researcher

"I'm certain that there have been several recoveries of alien craft and bodies in the United States. I am using the word 'several' advisedly, that it could be very conservative. Roswell was not the first incident."

Jesse Marcel Jr.
Col. U.S. Army (retired), Eye Witness, Roswell Crash Debris, and Son of Intelligence Officer Maj. Jesse Marcel

"The reason I feel the Air Force and the government in general are trying to destroy my father is because they are trying to destroy the Roswell event. That must mean that something that is there that they have to hide...that this must be kept from the public at all cost."

Frank Kaufmann
U.S. Army Counter Intelligence Corps, and Eye Witness, Roswell Crash Bodies

"When you're dealing with the military...idea is to deceive...there is a manual...MJ12, which also states 'to discourage witnesses, to put out false statements, and to protect the secrecy of 1947 event.'"

James E. Clarkson
Police Sergeant (retired) and Criminal Investigator

"When I interviewed June I realized that I was getting a rare glimpse into another period of time, which is the heart of the mystery of ufology. I began to understand the full extent to the cover-up, the difference between what is commonly known by engineers and scientists, and what is probably still known to this day and what has been revealed to the public. "

Donald Menzel, Ph.D.
Astrophysicist, Chairman: Harvard Observatory, and UFO Debunker

"First of all the objects are not unidentified, we know what they are. Second, in most cases they are not flying. And finally in many cases they are not even material objects"

Edgar Mitchell, Ph.D.
Apollo 14 Astronaut, Luna Landing Module Pilot, and 6th Human to Walk on the Moon

"I'm convinced based on the evidence that's building up...documents that Bob and Ryan Wood putting together is powerful forensic research that makes a powerful case that's hard to ignore."

Don Berliner
Chairman: Fund for UFO Research, and UFO Writer

"As far as this idea of reverse engineering a crashed or captured space craft, I would hope that's been done - the potential for learning is astounding, and not attempting to reverse engineer it would be unthinkable."

Joseph P. Firmage
Chairman: Motion Science, and Former CEO: US Web Corp.

"Based on my assessment of the documents and also other information that is not generally in the public domain, I would have to say that if these documents are not genuine, they are the work of a very sophisticated team of people."