Evidence We Are Not Alone

Ryan S. Wood

Ryan S. Wood earned Bachelors of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, CA in 1978 and started a high tech career at Intel Corporation. He then worked for Digital Equipment Corp, Toshiba, and is a veteran of a couple of Silicon Valley high tech start-ups. Since then he has been selling commercial energy conservation equipment to major corporations as a primary profession. His interest in UFOs started in 1970 when Stan Friedman came to dinner, however since 1995 he has been working primarily on the majestic documents and all there related authenticity validation. He manages the content of was the executive producer along with his father on the television documentary titled, "The Secret", that aired on the Sci-Fi Channel. He has planned and organized four annual UFO Crash Retrieval Symposia ( As a UFO investigator he is actively working on the 1941 Cape Girardeau UFO crash and at last years conference introduced first serious hardback book - titled: Majic Eyes Only - Earths Encounters with Extraterrestrial Technology. He is currently working on a new UFO data search engine, called UFOdex. Its goal is the complete integration of all UFO knowledge into a single silo of UFO intelligence, all the web, all the images, all the video and all the newspapers into fully searchable Google-like experience.