Evidence We Are Not Alone

Ryan S. Wood

UFO Cover-Up:
For at least sixty years, there has existed within the highest echelons of the U.S. Government a UFO cover-up of truly cosmic proportions. That same UFO cover-up has at its heart the hard evidence that conclusively proves highly advanced aliens are secretly visiting planet Earth. The UFO cover-up has consistently focused upon the acquisition and exploitation by both the military and the world of intelligence of crashed UFO materials, alien debris, and extraterrestrial bodies. Ryan S. Wood and his father Dr. Robert M. Wood have been diligently pursuing the shocking truth behind the UFO cover-up for decades. The dogged persistence of the pair has paid off: having been provided with amazing, leaked documents by carefully cultivated whistleblower sources, the Wood's - as The Secret skillfully demonstrates - have now expertly and forthrightly blown the lid on the UFO cover-up.

The Secrets of the Roswell, New Mexico UFO crash of 1947 are secrets no longer. The UFO cover-up that for decades was a guarded secret known only to presidents and the highest ranking members of the official world is now available for all to see. The Secret reveals the most sensational aspects of the UFO cover-up, how and why the UFO cover-up was put into place, and the Government's secret attempts to understand and exploit for its own benefit the technology found at Roswell. With comments and revelations from leading investigators of the UFO mystery, The Secret firmly lays to rest any and all mistaken notions that there has never been a UFO cover-up.

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