Evidence We Are Not Alone

Ryan S. Wood

UFO Secret:
Deep within the heart of the U.S. Government, military, and intelligence community there can be found a UFO secret that has become the subject of the largest cover-up and conspiracy in recorded history. That UFO secret - now revealed thanks to the expert investigative research of Dr. Robert M. Wood and his son, Ryan S. Wood - focuses upon nothing less than the remains of a number of crashed UFOs and alien bodies held, at a Top Secret level, by the American Government. But the biggest UFO secret is now a secret no more. With classified files having been made available to them by several Deep Throat-style sources, the Wood's powerfully demonstrate the official concern shown in the late 1940s by the Government as it sought to prevent the press, the public and the Russians from learning the truth behind the UFO secret.

Forensic analysis of files, the corroborative data and testimony of insider sources, and the observations and findings of professionals, collectively demonstrate that the UFO secret is not just a very real one; it is also one that has major implications for humanity and our place in the universe. For sixty years, the UFO secret has remained firmly hidden behind closed doors. Finally, however, that door has now been opened. Those that have long maintained that there is no UFO secret can no longer deny the evidence. The UFO secret that has at its heart the sensational UFO crash at Roswell, New Mexico in July 1947 has now been revealed.

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