Evidence We Are Not Alone

Ryan S. Wood

UFO Video: provides all interested parties with unique UFO video clips extracted from the acclaimed television UFO documentary, The Secret. The father-son team of Dr. Robert M. Wood and Ryan S. Wood feature in those same UFO video clips, revealing crucial background data and unique insights into their extensive work to authenticate the so-called MJ12 documents - classified files on crashed UFOs from the 1940s onwards leaked to the Wood's by a number of insider, whistleblower sources. Renowned British UFO authority and best-selling author Timothy Good also appears in such UFO video clips discussing his own views on the MJ12 group, and the leaked documents - as does Colonel John Alexander, a figure with a long and impressive history in the official world, who also provides intriguing insights into the UFO puzzle. UFO video clips of the Wood's detailing the background to their work and the story of MJ12, the Government's strict policy of UFO denial, and official secrecy make for essential viewing.

No less provocative are the UFO video clips of Charlette Mann, who reveals the incredible facts relating to her grandfather's direct knowledge of a UFO crash, with alien bodies, that occurred at Cape Girardeau, Missouri, in 1941 - six years before the events at Roswell, New Mexico. Collectively, these unique UFO video clips provide the ideal introduction for anyone wanting to learn more about The Secret UFO documentary. Viewers also get a unique chance to see the original UFO video clips that were made to promote The Secret for the Sci-Fi Channel.

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